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Founder Frederick LegrainDrones servicing

aerial photographies and videos


Since 2009, Air View Concept’s first and main goal is to offer technical aerial views of diverse locations as well as difficult to access locations. For that reason we have acquired an equipment that is easy to use and able to maneuver in tiny space.

Aerial views using drone flights unmanned, without the high costs of conventional equipment (high maintenance cost of keeping the equipment flying). This new trend offers, an almost endless possibilities. Safe, innovative and a low operating cost are some of the advantages.

We have a duty to leave a heritage to our children by protecting lakes, rivers, forests our ecosystem. With our tools and equipment that are environment friendly we fit this principle of ours to respect and protect our environment for every situation without compromise. Instead of using the same technics as we used to use in the past and make the same mistakes, let’s use the newest instruments to keep a better future to our children in a well-balanced and eco-friendly environment.

We want to accompany our partners in preserving and maintaining the existing infrastructures (Viaducts, Bridges, Power lines as well as railways) in an optimal fashion. Our objective is simple and it answers today’s trend, maximum preventive observation and regular inspections of the above mentioned infrastructures to avoid costly ground crews to physically doing such work (lots of people, trucks and  cranes, temporary structures and costly resources). Simplicity is now available to deal with today’s challenge.

We are emphasizing on a new and innovative solution versus the existing companies that uses more conventional equipment (planes, helicopters, crane or temporary structures). Air View Concept favors the only one solution we believe in, an unmanned drone that is flexible and quickly put in action without any maintenance, this strategy answers the customer’s needs with a secure environment for the surrounding co-workers on a project, a silent partner as well as an eco-friendly tool that will complete the mission.

Your imagination is the only one limit!